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Following the purchase of a Hyundai Sonata Plug-In hybrid in August 2019, an owner reached out to the condo board of their 42-unit building for an EV charger installation.

As there was no strategy in place for the building, one of the members of the board consulted with RVE (now and learned about charging electric vehicles in a multi-residential buildings.

Charging Solution

Being that the electric meters are at the same level as the parking spaces, using an electric vehicle energy management systems as the charging solution allowed for easy insallation and full flexibility on the charger selected.

Installation Approach 

The Individual Approach was selected since only one tenant wanted to have a charger installed. 

Set Up

In order to inform the tenants about electric vehicle charging and to set up a Charging Policy, the board of directors organized a special assembly in September. With an attendance rate of 82% stakeholders, the meeting could take place. 

The board of directors opened the meeting by sharing with the tenants the objectives:  to set up a charging policy in order to

1) allow installation of EV chargers in the building and;

2) standardize all the installations.

It has also been specified to the attending tenants that the chosen charging solution would not generate costs for those who do not wish to obtain an EV charger themselves. This announcement reassured the attending members of the meeting.

Followed the details concerning the way the chargers would be powered, which is with an EVEMS. Then, once understood the meeting moved on to details of the billing process – each tenant would automatically and individually be billed through their electricity account.

Tenants were encouraged to ask questions and the meeting continued with the explanation of the two different approaches possible: the Global and the Individual approach.

As the situation required that only the tenants who wanted an EV charger paid for their installation the individual approach that was chosen.

Once this information had been shared and the questions have been answered, the tenants were asked to take a vote concerning the approval to install electric vehicles EV chargers at the complex. The outcome : 29 votes for, 2 against. 


From the moment the contractor was chosen, the requesting tenant was able to ask for a quote. Then, once the board gave their approval, they were able to get the EVEMS and EV charger installed. The project was completed in October.

Any future tenants who want a car charger can now easily get one installed by following the procedure and installation requirements specified in the charging policy.

Project Details

Work in the Electrical Room

Installation of an electric vehicle energy management system

Work in the Garage

Installation of the piping and cabling required to supply the EV charger

Work in the Parking Spaces

Installation of a FLO G5 charger

EVEMS added for an electric vehicle charger Installation for a condo in Laval
EVEMS added for an electric vehicle charger Installation for a condo in Laval


The tenant obtained a rebate of 600$ (350$ for the EV charger and 250$ for it’s installation) thanks to the section Borne de recharge en multilogement of the program Roulez Vert established by the Quebec Government.


Watch the Video : Learning About Different Approaches for EV Charging Installations


Laval, Quebec

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