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Aware of the presence of electric vehicles the owners of the 33-unit Metcalfe building decided in early 2020 to initiate an EV charging installation project. Construction, dating from 2016, had only prepared two units for EV charging. To expand the possibilities, the board used Murbly’s step-by-step guide which facilitated the project’s progress.

Charging Solution

The parking spaces targeted for installation are distributed across two floors of interior parking and the electrical room which houses the meters is located on the first floor, thereby making the an electric vehicles energy management system the appropriate power source and solution.

Installation Approach

As not all tenants wanted to have an electric vehicle charging installed, and because the technical context allowed, the Individual Approach was selected.

Set Up

In order to standardize all installations, a charging policy was developed and adopted in April 2020. The board also took the opportunity to survey the tenants to assess their interest.


Following the positive feedback of this survey, an installation group was put together, including seven tenants ready to have an EV charger installed in their parking space. In May 2020, seven chargers were installed in the Montreal complex.

Project Details

Work in the Electrical Room

Installation of 7 EVEMS

Stationnement de condo avec bornes de recharge à Montréal. | Installation Image of condo where underground parking added electric vehicle charging with energy management systems. A Bosch charger has been added here.
Electrical Room
Opening for the main wiring in the electrical room towards the charge controllers

Work in the Garage

Installation of the piping and cabling for 7 chargers

Work in the Parking Spaces

Installation of 7 (FLO G5 + Bosch) chargers


This project took advantage of the Roulez Vert program established by the Quebec Government, through the section Borne de recharge en multilogement, offering up to 50% cost reimbursement.


Montreal, Quebec

Electrical Contractor