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Seeing an increase in owner requests for electric car charger installations, the President of the Board of Directors at the Hillsdale condo complex used Murbly’s tools in May 2019 and developed a strong charging strategy.

Charging Solution

As the electrical room, with the unit electric meters, is in the indoor garage and in close proximity to the parking spaces, the level 2 chargers would be powered by an electric energy management system (EVEMS).

Installation Approach

In order to determine which approach would be chosen, either Individual or Global, the Board surveyed the owners last June. The results, shared in August, revealed the owners were more favourable of singular installations, the individual approach. 

Set Up

During a Special General Meeting in October, the Board of Directors, guided by the owners’ preferences, proposed a charging policy. This policy, seeking to approve and standardize charging installation, was voted in favourably at 84%.

After setting up this policy, Murbly’s (then RVE) request-for-proposal template was used to choose a contractor in electricity able to take care of this kind of installation.


Once the strategy was in place, a group of three owners were then organized for an installation of a Level 2 charger powered by an electric energy management system (EVEMS). The project was completed in November.

Moving forward, tenants wishing to add Level 2 charging infrastructure can follow the details in the charging policy established by their complex.

Project Details

Work in the Electrical Room

Installation of three electric energy management systems (EVEMS)

Work in the Garage

Installation of the piping and cabling required for supplying three electric vehicle chargers

Work in the Parking Spaces

Installation of three FLO G5 chargers

Image of a FLO G5 charger installed in a condo with an energy management system on
Image of a Level 2 electric vehicle charger installed in a condo with an energy management system on


This project took advantage of the Roulez Vert  Quebec program, through the section Borne de recharge en multilogement, offering up to 50% cost reimbursement.

Watch the Video: Learn About The Different Installation Contexts


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