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Seeing the success of the charging infrastructure installation of the Victoria Phase 4 (first and second installation group), the Condo Board of the Phase 2 (42 units) chose to start its own EV Readiness Project. The board contacted Murbly in September 2020 in order to get information and guidance on the planning of such a project.

Charging Solution

The electrical room and the parking spaces are located on the same level, which means the electrical meters are accessible. Therefore, the Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS) was chosen as the charging solution.

Installation Approach

Wanting to prepare the entire building for EV charging by installing common infrastructure ensuring the smooth deployment of all EV charger installations, the board opted for the Partial Global Approach

Set Up

An installation group was organized in October ; five tenants joined. The electrical contractor who had done the work for the Phase 4 of the complex was contacted to do the work of this phase as well. 


In November 2020, the electrical contractor installed 5 FLO G5 chargers and 5 DCC-9-40A charge controllers. As there was a drywall ceiling, there was no need for cantrusts and pullboxes to be installed. However, a new wall was added as there was not enough space on which to install the DCCs. A ceiling light was also moved to allow the new wall to be installed where it was located.

Project Details

Work in the Electrical Room

Installation of 5 EVEMS
Addition of a wall
Moving of a ceiling light

Installation de bornes de recharge au Victoria Phase 2. | EV Chargers installation at Victoria Phase 2.
Wall added to install the DCCs
Location of the ceiling light before the work
Installation de bornes de recharge au Victoria Phase 2. | EV Chargers installation at Victoria Phase 2.
New location of the ceiling light

Work in the Garage

Installation of the piping and cabling for 5 EV chargers

Work in the Parking Spaces

Installation of 5 FLO G5 EV chargers


This project took advantage of the Roulez Vert program established by the Quebec Government, through the section “Borne de recharge en multilogement”, offering up to 50% cost reimbursement.


Saint-Lambert, Quebec

Electrical Contractor