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September 23, 2020 

Considering the first electric vehicle charging installation group successful, the board at Quartier 54 initiated a second round of installations for 12 interested condo tenants. 

Organizing the second wave installations went smoothly as the electricians had experience in the power source installation (an EVEMS) and their individual installation approach. These elements were both determined and noted in their Charging Policy from the group before. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Process for a Condo:

In June the board contacted the same electrical contractor from the first round of installations to obtain a quote for these new 12 tenants. Once approved, the installation work began and resulted in 12 FLO G5 chargers and 12 DCC-9-40A being installed over July and August 2020. All installations were completed in a safe and socially distanced way.

Read the Case Study for Group 1 to see how this 348-unit building implemented a new building policy for EV charging. 

Project Details

Work in the Electrical Room

Installation of 12 charge controllers in the electrical room, one for each unit, and cabling out to each parking stall.

Electrical Room #1

Electrical Room #2

First installation group
Second installation group
Wall separating the electrical room and the garbage disposal room
Electrical room #2

Electrical Room #3

Work in the Garage

Installation of the piping and cabling for each charger to the parking space from the electrical room.

Work in the Parking Spaces

Installation of 12 FLO G5 chargers


This project took advantage of the Roulez Vert  program established by the Quebec Government, through the section “Borne de recharge en multilogement”, which reimbursed a portion of the installation cost overall.

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