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By browsing our website, you acknowledge and agree to all of the terms of use set out below. These conditions may be updated without notice.

The purpose of this policy is to inform users of our website of the following aspects regarding the personal data collected :

1. Definitions

2. Collection of information

  • What is collected
  • How it is collected

3. Use of information

  • What is the information collected for

4. Security 

  • How we protect your personal information
  • Limit of liability
  • Disclosure of information to third parties

1.     Definitions

In this policy, « you » and « your » means any user who fills out the form available on our website or who subscribes to receive our newsletter.

« Us » and « our » means Recharge Véhicule Électrique, doing business as Murbly.

2.     Collection of information

How is the data collected ?

No data is collected by simply browsing on the website. Consulting and downloading the documents available on the website does not entail any collection of your personal data. Our website does not host any type of cookie system.

The only data that is collected through your use of our website are answers entered upon completing the online form, titled Ready to identify your EV charging solution ? While filling out the form in order to obtain documentation specific to your situation, you willingly give us this personal data.

The data is collected only once the form is completed and submitted. If you don’t click on “Send” which appears at the end of the form, your data won’t be saved and therefore, not collected.

What is the data collected ?

The personal data contained in said answers are as follows :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Address (city, province/state, country) of the condo complex for which you want documentation/information

3.     Use of information

Personal data collected on our website will be used only for the purposes specified in this policy. We will not use your data beyond what we disclose here.

The data we collect can be used to :

  • Personalize your experience and meet your personal needs : the personal data is necessary in order to send personalized documentation to the users who fill out our online form. The users subscribing to our newsletter also provide us their email address, needed for receiving said newsletter.
  • Improve customer service and your support needs
  • Contact you by email
  • Organize a contest, promotion, or survey

The collection of personal information about the users of our website is limited to these purposes.

The data is collected indefinitely, as are the email addresses of the users who unsubscribe to our newsletter list. This information is kept for future consultation, follow-up and statistics purposes.

4.     Security

How do we protect your personal information?

All data stored in our system is secure and can only be accessed by our employees. Our employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and breach of this agreement would result in the employee’s termination. Murbly takes all necessary measures to ensure that your personal data is not accessible to third parties other than authorized Murbly managers and employees.

Your personal data is not collected, processed or viewed in other countries.

Limit of liability

While we take all possible measures to ensure the personal data of our website’s users is secure and that the users are protected, there is always a risk of harm. Transmitting information over the Internet is never completely secure, which is why we are unable to guarantee the security of user data beyond practical reasoning. Murbly is not responsible for any unlawful interception of the data you have transmitted to us at your own risk and for the potential damage caused, whether directly or indirectly.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Your information may be disclosed to our strategic partners only and only if this is necessary in order to give you the best possible customer service. We are committed not to disclose (i.e. sell, trade or transfer) your information to other third parties, except in the following cases:

i. If required by the law

ii. If it is required for any legal proceedings

iii. To prove or protect our legal rights

iv. To buyers of the company in the event of the sale of the latter

5.     Consent

By browsing our website, you agree to all of the terms of use set forth in this privacy policy relating to the collection, use and retention of the data listed in this policy. These conditions may be updated without notice.

6.     Your rights as users

As a user, you have the right to access all of your personal data that we have collected. In addition, you have the right to update or correct any personal data in our possession provided it is acceptable under the law.

7.     Contact

If you would like more information about this privacy policy and the protection of your personal data, please contact us using the contact details below:

Email address :

Mailing address : 2514 Boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval, QC, H7S 2K3

Effective date of the policy :  October 27, 2020