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This example charging policy can be used in cases where the best solution would be an electric vehicle demand charge controller.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Policy
[Insert Complex Name and Address]


Procedure established for tenants seeking to install an electric vehicle (EV) charger at their designated parking stall.

  1. Submit a written request and inform the managing board of any interest in an EV charging installation the designated parking stall.
  2. Contact the electrical contractor approved by the managing board and request a quote for the installation ¹.
  3. Have the quote approved by the managing board..
  4. Proceed to installation.


The managing board has full authority over the terms and conditions of approval, the installation process, and the management of inquiries about electric vehicle charging installations for the building.

Compliance Requirements

The installation of an electric vehicle charger and associated power supply must be installed by a licensed electrician. The following entrepreneur, approved by the managing board, holds the appropriate permits: [Insert details on approved electrical contractor.]


For units where the electrical meters are accessible the electric vehicle charger shall be powered directly from the main feed (the cable) for the unit in such a way that all electricity consumed by the electric vehicle will be directly billed to the associated owner.


In order to preserve and safeguard the building’s existing electrical infrastructure, an energy management system must be used (such as the DCC,, or equivalent,) for each unit.

Electrical Power

The maximum power of the charger (the circuit breaker) will be 240V, 40A.


¹ The work specified in the quote must comply with the appropriate charging solution for the applicant’s unit, as well as with the hardware and electrical power requirements.