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This sample authorization can be used by the managing board or HOA when approving electric vehicle charging installations where a demand charge controller is needed.

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After analyzing your request, the board has authorized your request to have an electric vehicle charging station installed at parking number [insert parking number]. The installation must comply with the following requirements:

Power Supply
The charging station must be powered by an energy management system (also known as a charge controller for electric vehicles) so as not to add load to the existing building electrical infrastructure. This charge controller would be installed in the electrical room, on the wire that connects your electricity meter and your electrical panel. A wire will then run from the charge controller to the above-mentioned parking space in a metal conduit.

Electricity Billing
The electricity consumed by the charger would be billed directly to your electricity account.

Installation Costs
All installation costs will be paid by you.

Electrical Contractor
Here is the installer mandated to install the charging stations in our complex:
[Insert installer name]
[Insert installer phone number]

Quote Approval
Before installing the terminal, the tender must be approved by the co-ownership syndicate to verify that it meets the technical requirements.

[Your name]