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This sample RFP can be used by boards or HOA’s in the selection of an electrical contractor for EV charging installations with the use of a demand charge controller.

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Call for Proposals for the Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


[write the address of the complex]
Number of Units: [enter the total number of units in the complex]
Number of Parking Spaces
:[enter the total number of parking spaces at the complex]
Deadline for submissions: [enter the deadline for receiving proposals]
Goal / Objective: The purpose of this call for proposals is to select an electrical contractor who will handle the all electric vehicle (EV) charging station installations for the complex.

Mise en contexte

In order to meet the rising adoption of electric vehicles the board has developed an EV Readiness Plan that will allow all tenants to have an individual charging station in their parking space. To preserve the integrity of the building and ensure a smooth deployment of infrastructure, the board has made the decision to select one electrical contractor who would be responsible for the charging station installations during a specified period. To make its selection, the union is launching this call for proposals.

Here is the structure of the proposal document:

  • Context
  • EV Ready Plan Details
  • Charging Solution
  • Deployment
  • Cost Allocation
  • Location Details
  • Submission Details
  • Attachments
    • Annex A: Information from the Applicant
    • Annex B: List of Items
    • Annex C: Pricing According to the Number of Installations

EV Ready Plan Details

To ensure a smooth process, the board has implemented a plan in which the charging solution is specified, the installation approach has been agreed upon and the cost allocation specified. Here are the details:

Charging and Power Source

The charging solution specifies the power source, wiring and the charging device.

Power Source

Each charging device will be powered by the bypass (cable) that supplies the unit with power in such a way that the electricity consumed to recharge the electric vehicle is automatically billed to its owner. The energy management system used will be a charge controller for electric vehicles. Tenants will have the choice of charge controller (model DCC-9-40A by DCC Electric) or only the distribution box (model DCC-9-BOX by DCC Electric) installed in order to have the electronic components installed (model DCC-9-PCB-40A) at a later date.


The charging devices will be powered by a cable that will run from the power source (the charge controller or the distribution box) and go to the parking space. This cable must be passed through an EMT conduit and must be of an appropriate size to supply a 40 A 240V device with a maximum voltage drop of 3% at 75 degrees C.

Charging Device

At minimum a 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet must be installed in the parking space so that the tenant may connect a mobile charging station. If desired by the tenant, the electrician may provide a charging station appropriate for their type of vehicle. If the charger is supplied by the tenant, the electrician must install it.

Installation Approach


The deployment of chargers at the complex will be done individually. After making a request to the board, the unit owners may call on the selected contractor to obtain a quote. Once approved by the board, the contractor may proceed with the installation.

If several tenants would like to have a charging station at the same moment, the board may organize groups of installations. At this time, the board will communicate all information necessary to provide a quote for each applicant (first name, last name, billing address, unit number, parking number) to the contractor. The contractor must send all quotes to the board, which will be forwarded to the tenants. The board will then contact the contractor on which proposals have been approved. The contractor may then start work on a date agreed with the board.

Cost Allocation

The entire cost of installing a charging device will be paid by the requesting tenant. The contractor will therefore invoice the tenant directly for their work.

Location Details

In the file attached to this request for proposals, you will find the following documents:

  • Parking Map
  • Photos of the inside of the electrical room
    • Photos that provide an overview of the electrical room
    • Photos taken from the front from the top of the meter stack on which all cable are clearly visible and in which the ceiling is visible
    • Side photos of the meter stack if they are not against a wall
    • Photos of the walls where the charge controllers could be installed around the meter stack
    • Photos of the ceiling of the electric room where charge controllers could be installed
  • Photos of the exterior of the electrical room
    • Pictures of the exterior walls of the electrical room
  • Parking Lot Photos
    • Some photos of the parking lot on which you can see the floor and the ceiling in order to assess the height
    • Some photos of the parking lot ceiling in order to be able to observe, if necessary, the components already in place and the elevation of the beams

The contractor can contact the manager (information on the next section) to make an appointment to come and visit the site.

Submission Details

To simplify the comparison between different proposals, the annexed must be used to submit information relating to this call for proposals.

  • Annex A: Information from the applicant
  • Annex B: Price per item
  • Annex C: Approval

The prices indicated must be before taxes.

  • Person Responsible: [enter the name, email and telephone number of the person to contact in case of questions or to make an appointment to visit the premises]
  • Proposals can be sent to: [enter the name and email address of the person to whom to send the proposal]
  • Deadline for submissions: [enter the deadline for receiving proposals]


Annex A: Information from the Applicant

  • Company Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Address
  • License Number(s)
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Additional relevant information to know about the company (optional)

Annex B: Price Per Item

In dollars, before taxes.



Comments or Additional Details:

Annex C: Approval

Proposition accepted on _______________________________ (date)
at _________________________________________________ (city)
by _______________________________________________ (name in block letters)
for a period of ______________________ (number of years of the agreement).

Signature __________________________________________